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Foreword by Sylvia Browne

I have read and absolutely loved this marvelous book by Craig Campobasso. I receive many books requesting my endorsement through the mail, because I have written so many books (61 to date). Speaking not only as an author, but an avid reader, I haven’t had any book hold my attention like Craig’s book has. He has gotten into the heart and the often misunderstood alien conscious. The word alien in itself is a misconception, because we are the real aliens that were colonized many thousands of years ago. 

“The Autobiography of an ExtraTerrestrial Saga: I AM Thyron” is not only reader friendly but it draws you in from the very beginning and continues so much so that you don’t want it to end. If you liked or loved Avatar, you’ll be ecstatic about this book. You’re caught right away and begin to feel and know what Craig knows. I wouldn’t put my name on anything that I didn’t think was great, and this book is truly great!

We will all be aware of extraterrestrials in a few years, so Craig is way ahead of himself. I myself have been privy to two UFO encounters, and this wonderful novel brings these experiences home to me with feeling and sentiment and understanding like nothing else I’ve ever read. Very rarely do I say, “Don’t miss this,” but I am saying it now. “The Autobiography of an ExtraTerrestrial Saga: I AM Thyron” is filled with truth, spirituality and enlightenment. So please take my word for this (I’ll never lie to you), and give this a read. It will give you joy and understanding, and a great adventure as well.

Write me after you’ve read this wonderful story and tell me what you feel. I know, like me, you’ll be ecstatic. I can also see this as a great movie. Kudos to you, Craig, for this marvelous book and good luck with its success, although we don’t need luck when something is great and this is.

God love you, I do,
New York Times best-selling author, spiritual teacher and psychic 


"This book takes you on a mind-expanding journey. Fantastical, and yet so familiar too. I couldn’t put it down!"
  -EILEEN DAVIDSON, The Young and the Restless, RHOBH & author of the Soap Opera Mysteries series

"The mind of Craig Campobasso is like none other that you will encounter. Don’t try to figure it out. Just go along for the ride."
  -CHIP COFFEY, internationally acclaimed Psychic and Medium as seen on Paranormal State and Psychic Kids

"Once again, Craig Campobasso delivers a book as if captured through a camera lens about Universal Society. An unbelievable spiritual quest."
  -GEORGE NOORY, Host of Coast to Coast AM and Beyond Belief

"Like Gene Roddenberry, Campobasso’s writing teaches us how to live harmoniously on Earth by looking to our future in the stars. Gene would be proud!"
  -KEVIN KILNER, star of Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict

"This book will transport you on a fantastic journey with a memorable cast of angels and extraterrestrials. Vividly written with beautiful imagery, a fully thought-out story, and a really satisfying ending.  The artwork is incredible."
  -PRESTON DENNETT, author and field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network 

"An outstanding finale to the trilogy!"
  -DARRYL ANKA, internationally acclaimed channel of Bashar

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